ZOOM online life video Language Interpretation Services

Thai English Translation is dedicated to high-quality and cost-efficient live ZOOM Interpretation Services. Through today’s advances in Internet and Telecommunication services, live over-ZOOM interpretations are becoming a convenient and cost-effective option for real-time bi-lingual communications.
From complex medical matters to legal depositions and immigration matters, Omnoi Bannert’s ZOOM interpretation service will ensure you have a productive and successful bilingual meeting.

As with all of her Translation and Interpretation Services, Omnoi Bannert adheres to strict confidentiality and quality standards.
Whether you need business, legal, medical, educational, or customer service-related ZOOM interpretation services, Thai-English Translation is your cost-effective, convenient and reliable solution.

ZOOM Interpretation using your Smartphone

Whether you are in New Zealand or traveling on business in Thailand, using the ZOOM-Application on your Smartphone you can use our ZOOM Interpretation Service from anywhere, anytime.

ZOOM conversation can be recorded

Organizations and Professionals of all types, including doctors and hospitals, law firms, Immigration Specialists, non-profit-ethnic-support groups etc., can benefit from this cost-effective, easy-to-use ZOOM Interpretation Service.

Thai – English - Translation can have your ZOOM live Interpretation Session recorded.

A video-recorded-file for secure download for your records can be provided at an additional fee.

ZOOM Language Interpretation Pricing:

$177.00 per hour.

Any additional time over the hour is $3.95 per minute with a minimum fee of 15 minutes applied of each 15 minute segment.

Please note: Any started session incurs $177 fee