Kindly peruse some of the Testimonials by my clients:

Confidential Company Policy Translations

Testimonial for Omnoi Bannert, Translator:

We have been using Omnoi Bannert’s Translation service for more than 15 years now and we are very happy with her level of accuracy, quality and professionalism.

Omnoi has translated highly technical and industry-specific documents for us, and has delivered excellent work each time. Her turnaround within a tight timeframe is impressive, and is never compromising the quality of her translations.

Our documents are highly confidential and we trust Omnoi explicitly with the sensitive nature of our documentation. We know we are getting first class service at a fair price and we will continue to use her translation services in the future.

We can wholeheartedly recommend that you use Omnoi for your professional business translations from Thai to English or English to Thai.

Tom Thomson
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Cross Health Insurance PCL
Bankgkok, Thailand



Interpretation at hospitals

October 2015
Frances Jones
[email protected]
027 230 5821
To Whom It May Concern: Omnoi Suwannarat-Bannert

Over the past few years Ms Omnoi Suwannarat-Bannert has assisted myself and my family with medical translation on behalf of a family member with limited English who has a serious illness.

Omnoi has accompanied us to numerous medical appointments and consultations. With her help we have been able to exchange communication freely and in detail as well as ensure all parties understand what is happening and what needs to occur next.

This has also meant Omnoi has needed to give detailed descriptions of symptoms and explanations of likely outcomes as well as a careful and detailed explanation of prescriptions and how they should be taken.

At all times I have found Omnoi to be a most impressive person. She is professional, punctual and has a kind and discreet manner. We have come to know, rely and trust in her and her capabilities as a translator both verbal and written and she has brought comfort and reassurance during stressful and difficult moments with her calm, warm and open manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Omnoi for translation work that requires a professional, highly competent and trustworthy person who is discreet, patient and kind.

I wish her well for the future.

Yours faithfully,

Frances Jones

Court Case

Omnoi was very helpful in assisting me with my legal Court Case. As an Interpreter she explained to me how the Court System works, and what all the difficult legal words meant in Thai so that I could understand what was required of me.

Omnoi translated for me in court, and translated back to me what the Prosecutor and Judge said. She was very knowledgeable and I found that her calm, objective professional manner helping me with the stress I felt representing my case.

I wholeheartedly recommend Omnoi for any document and statement translations and for interpreting for you in a formal setting. When it is absolutely vital to understand exactly what every words means like in Court you want someone on your side who helps you understand what is going on. Omnoi was a life saver for me in a situation I would have been lost in.

I will never forget what Omnoi did for me on this day in court. I am eternally grateful for her help and assistance and I recommend you use her services.

Movie script Translation and Dubbing

This is a Testimonial for Omnoi Bannert from Thai-English-Translation

I contracted Omnoi Bannert to translate two interviews I conducted in the south of Thailand for a Documentary. With her in-depth knowledge of the dialects spoken in the southern provinces Miss Bannert did an excellent job of translating the true meaning and context of the people interviewed. In addition I was very impressed with her knowledge of time-line video and the requirements necessary to accurately match the translation to the appropriate sections in the spoken interviews. I am very happy with the quality of her translation, her professionalism and fast turnaround in delivering the job back to me. I find Omnoi Bannert very easy to deal with and she has an excellent grasp on what her clients require. All this coupled with a very reasonable fair price for a great job done I can wholeheartedly recommend to use Omnoi Bannert for any Thai-English or English translation job you may have.

Tomas Lauffs
Freelance Journalist, Stockholm, Sweden

University Interpretation

To Whom It May Concern

Massey University’s Professional and Continuing Education Centre recently employed Omnoi Bannert as a Thai interpreter to assist a group of university lecturers from Thailand with their study tour “Teacher Leadership” between 14 and 25 May 2012.

The course participants appreciated Omnoi’s capability as an interpreter of English to Thai language and Thai to English in the following situations: a research seminar to interpret detailed Government research; another seminar held in a Wellington secondary school; and lastly a formal function to interpret speeches for the Thai lecturers.

Massey University was satisfied with her ability to complete the job competently, professionally and efficiently. Massey would be happy to employ Omnoi Bannert on future assignments.

Anne-Marie Ngan
Programme Coordinator
Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE)
Massey University
New Zealand

Spouse of the Ambassador of The Royal Thai Embassy to New Zealand


AA Driver license exam


Omnoi helped my fiancé, Golf (Siriphen Boonmeephon) with a number of official translations. Initially we went to a government organization which is specializing in this. It took way too long and was way too expensive for what they offered, and I found them very slow. That is why we chose Omnoi instead. She is quick, accurate and her fees are reasonable. The Visitor’s Application for Golf’s son has been approved. Omnoi is certainly part of the success.

Golf also recently asked Omnoi to interpret the Driving Test Questionnaires at the AA (Automobile Association). She did her job well. She made the test much easier for Golf. As a rule all of applicants must select the right answers themselves. Golf‘s English is very basic at the moment. She found that with Omnoi’s assistance she could understand each question and therefore answer much better. Golf passed the test. Omnoi’s name is well known and she is recognized at our local AA. I heard she has been helping a lot of Thai people who struggle with English in “official” situations like Golf.

Omnoi is a true Professional. We are very happy with her service. If you are looking for an expert in interpretation and translation Omnoi is definitely the right one for you.

Ian Morton

AA Driver license exam

Oi’s Testimonial for Thai-English-Translation

To Omnoi

From Oi

Message: Thank you very much for helping me so I could pass the test.

Interpretation and Translations at Bank, Lawyer, School, Family Doctor and Employment Contracts

Sawasdee Krab

My name is Anan Phonhong. My wife and I have very high respect for Omnoi. We have been using her services on several occasions. We almost feel like she is our family’s interpreter and translator

My wife and I are immigrants. We didn’t have an English-speaking background. Our language skills are only just to get by. Dealing with official business at Government Departments or banks in New Zealand is completely different to Thailand. When we were required to deal with officials we were struggling a numbers of times. Thanks to Omnoi for being so kind in assisting us all the way. Here is a list of some of the things that she assisted us as our interpreter and translator:

Our immigration documents translation
Meeting with our Bank Manager
Meeting with our Lawyer
Meeting with our Family Doctor
My work’s employment contract translation
My wife’s medical report translation
My daughter’s school report translation

We owe so much to Omnoi. She gets her job done on time. She is known for being very switched on.

Thank you again, Omnoi for the great work you have done for us.

Anan Phonhong and family

Food Hygiene Certificate

Hi, my name is Suttana Tassadorn. My family and I are Thai immigrants. We are living in New Zealand for quite some time.

I got Omnoi to help me with Level 4 of the Food Hygiene Contents and Questionnaires last year. My English is good enough for day-to-day life communication. When it comes to specialized subjects or technical terms I must say I am struggling quite a bit. Omnoi came to my rescue. Her explanation was very clear. She made the complicated contents easy for me to understand. I spent 4 sessions for an hour each time with her. Even though I had to do the answers myself but training with a professional like Omnoi helped me gain a lot of confidence. I passed the test and received the certificate in the end. I was over the moon – very happy.

I took my certificate to apply for a job in the food business. Now, I have been working as a chef at a restaurant in Wellington. It gives me income to raise my kids. All of them are still very young. Without this job, I could not imagine how our lives would be by now.

I highly recommend Omnoi. If you ever want to use someone to sit with you before you do the actual test, I guarantee you Omnoi is the right person for that. She has great work ethics. She is switched on and very patient. Especially she has got such a lovely personality.

Thank you, Omnoi

Kind regards,


Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2018 5:46 PM
To: omnoi suwannarat
Subject: Translation for Cris Dunning

Hi Khun Omnoi
I just wanted to let you know that your English translation of my ownership book for the motorcycle was accepted by the NZ Transport Authority.  So all inspections and certifications have been completed and the bike is now fully operational in NZ.    I thought you would be keen to know this so you can refer to this work being accepted by NZTA for future reference with customers.
Thanks for your assistance
Kind regards,    Cris
Cris Dunning
m: +6421 684 091

Birth Certificate

Letter of Reference

9th July 2018

To Whom it may concern,

I’m writing this letter to confirm that I have used the services of Omnoi for translating my Thai wife’s birth certificate from the Thai language to the English language.

I found Omnoi’s services to be highly professional and competent, which is what is required when applying for residence with Immigration NZ.

I have no hesitation in recommending Omnoi as a Thai to English translator.

Yours faithfully,

Grant Salisbury

Apt 58, 112 Parata St,

Waikanae 5036

Ph 027 500 9298

Email [email protected]