Interpretation Service

Interpreting service:

I provide two types of interpreting Services as follows:

Consecutive Business interpreting; this kind of service is suitable for business meetings, small group trainings, trade negotiations and one-on-one conversations.

Consecutive Personal Language assistance; If you require somebody who can speak English and Thai at a conversational level to assist you in the following situations:

Court Appearance

Parent-Teacher Interview at School
Meeting with your Lawyer
Meeting with your Bank Manager
Meeting with your Mortgage Broker
Meeting with your Real Estate Agent
Meeting with your Insurance Adviser
Visiting your Doctor / Nurse / Medical Specialist
Meeting with Immigration Officer
Interpreting Learner Driving Test Questionnaires at AA
(Please note this does NOT involve help with answering the questions)


Please contact me on 021 123 4459 or send me an email at [email protected] for a quotation on Full Day On-Site Interpreting.