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June 9, 2012

Thai-English-Translation on The Value of Professional Translation

Some people have mixed ideas on what translation really is. Dictionaries gave us a basic definition of the term as “rendering of something to another language.” By this, some people believe that it is simply fine to render one thought to another language even if you change some words to make it sound right or acceptable even if the words used are not the exact meaning of the thought. No, in translation, there is a thin line between providing the exact thought to another language and providing almost the same thought to another language. The difference lies in professional translation.

Professional translation means more than just identifying equivalent words to another language. It involves getting the real grasp of the idea and transfering the same idea to another language, without getting the ideas all mixed up. When professional translation is applied, you will be free from many translation disasters such as being the center of ridicule, being outright offensive, bringing mixed ideas to your target market, and getting a bad reputation through misunderstandings or the choice of inappropriate phrases.

Can you use software to do a Professional Translation? Although great progress is being made it is still not possible to accurately and professionally translate important documents and Government Forms, Applications and files. Humans are way better than dictionaries or software. In fact, professionals were able to put up dictionaries and work on developing software and not the other way around. So why would there be the need to be dependent on software, when it is not even accurate. Sure, the use of dictionaries or basic software in a conversational contexts to translate a word may be unavoidable from time to time. But referring to it every so often without getting the gist of the work will only result in poor quality. In fact, the very essence of translation will not be fulfilled. Really, there is no book or software that can actually substitute the experience of a Professional Translator.

Identifying a Professional Translator:

• They are professionally certified by an organisation approving translation into different language/s such as TOEFL
• They don’t use any automated translating software program or computer.
• They understand a word, a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph, one at a time.
• They take time to read, proof read and edit their work to make it 100% error-free.
• They bring cultural knowledge to their translation task.
• They instil confidence in their clients, making sure that they are protected from committing offence regarding cultural diversity and sensitivities.
• They convey to their clients that they respect his/her ideas, principles and work ethics.
• Their Number 1 concern is excellent communication.
• They capture the right tone with their translation service along with the accurate message.

Professional Translation can make or break your business. It can mean success or failure in your application for a work visa, residence application, job application or driving test. For peace of mind with all your Professional Translations from Thai to English, and from English to Thai always choose Omnoi Bannert of Thai-English-Translation.org in New Zealand.

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